15 Well-paid occupations in Canada accessible without a university degree


In Canada, there are many well-paid jobs to choose from without university degreeWe offer a wide range of jobs, from carpentry, plumbing and welding to trucking, building painting, warehouse management, hairdressing, customer service, hospitality and retail. Jobs in the technology sector are also available, such as web development, UX/UI design, cybersecurity, data analysis and digital marketing. These professions sometimes require professional certification or apprenticeships, and are governed by specific provincial regulations. The most important elements are safety in the workplace, the importance of practical experience, career development through continuous training and the impact of technology. Visit Canada offers opportunities for foreign workers in these trades, particularly through specific immigration programs.

High-paying jobs in Canada accessible without a university degree

In Canada, the pursuit of a successful career is not limited exclusively to obtaining a university degree. In fact, only 30 % of adult Canadians hold such a degree, a statistic that reflects not a lack of ambition, but rather the richness and diversity of the post-secondary education options available in the country. Contrary to popular belief that four or five years' training is a prerequisite for a respectable profession, many Canadian programs offer professional qualifications in just one or two years, opening the way to well-paid careers in a variety of fields. In addition, there are even shorter training programs, lasting just a few months, which can also lead to stable, well-paid jobs.

This is particularly relevant for foreign workers considering the Canada as fertile ground for their professional development. Many skilled trades, from IT and construction to healthcare professionals, offer attractive salaries of up to 85,000 Canadian dollars a year, without the need for a university degree. These opportunities represent a promising alternative path for those looking to establish a rewarding career in Canada.

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Let's explore well-paid occupations in Canada that don't require a university degree, offering promising careers in a variety of sectors. Here's a guide to opportunities and salaries for those considering moving to or working in Canada without university qualifications.

1. Carpenter

Average monthly salary Approx. 5,280 $ CAN

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Carpentry is an essential trade in Canada's construction industry. Professionals in this field manufacture, assemble, install and repair wood components for buildings. This profession requires not only technical competence in carpentry and joinery, but also an understanding of construction plans and safety standards. Carpenters often work on construction sites, residential or commercial renovation projects, and may also be involved in the restoration of historic structures.

Visit traditional route to becoming a carpenter in Canada often involves an apprenticeship, combining classroom instruction with practical training. Many carpenters choose to work for themselves after gaining sufficient experience, which offers great flexibility in terms of projects. The job market for carpenters is generally robust, as their skills are needed in many sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial construction. Carpenters can be employed by construction companies or work on their own.

2. Plumber

Average monthly salary approx. 4,552 $ CAN

A plumber's job is to install, repair and maintain piping systems for drinking water, wastewater, heating and cooling systems. A good plumber must have a solid understanding of plumbing systems and be able to diagnose and solve complex problems. They work in a variety of environments, from construction sites to residential and commercial buildings.

To become a plumber, it's usually necessary to complete an apprenticeship program, which includes both classroom training and practical experience. Plumbers must also obtain provincial certification to practice legally. The demand for plumbers is constant and expected to grow, due to the need for maintenance and renovation of existing infrastructures, as well as the construction of new facilities.

3. Welder

Average monthly salary : approx. 4,480 $ CAN

The welder is a professional working in many industrial sectors in CanadaThese include construction, metal fabrication, automotive and shipbuilding. Welders use a variety of techniques to cut, shape and assemble metal parts. The trade demands precision, good hand-eye coordination and a thorough knowledge of the different types of welding. Welders must also be familiar with safety standards and protective equipment.

Training to become a welder varies, from specialized technical courses to apprenticeship programs. Many welders acquire certifications specific to their field, which can increase their employment opportunities and earning potential. Demand for welders is influenced by the economic cycles of the industries in which they work, but welding skills are generally in demand across the country.

4. Truck driver

Average monthly salary Approx. 3,520 $ CAN

Visit truck driving is in high demand in the Canadian economy, transporting goods across the country and beyond. Truck drivers can work on long-haul or short-haul routes, transporting a wide range of products, from foodstuffs to building materials. This profession requires not only driving skills, but also good logistical planning, knowledge of road regulations and the ability to carry out minor vehicle repairs.

To become a truck driver in Canada, you need to obtain the appropriate driver's license, which often involves passing written and practical tests. Although it's a demanding profession in terms of hours and sometimes working conditions, it offers the chance to see different parts of the country and even work independently.

5. House painter

Average monthly salary Approx. 3,520 $ CAN

This painter's trade involves preparing and painting the interior and exterior surfaces of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This profession requires a good knowledge of paint materials, surface preparation techniques and, in general, a certain creativity in advising customers on the choice of colors and finishes.

Training to become a painter is often less formal than for other trades, and can be done on the job. However, some painters choose to follow vocational training programs or specialized courses. The demand for painters varies according to the construction and renovation market, but remains fairly high overall.

6. Warehouse clerk

Average monthly salary Approx. 3,162 $ CAN

Warehouse managers play a central role in the logistics chain, managing the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods in warehouses. This job requires good organization, the ability to work in a constantly changing environment, and often mastery of certain equipment such as forklifts. Warehousemen must also be able to follow rigorous inventory management procedures and adapt to inventory tracking technologies.

Most of the skills needed to become a warehouseman can be acquired on the job, but some employers may require or prefer candidates with specific logistics training. With the rise of online commerce, the demand for warehouse workers is increasing, offering numerous job opportunities across the country.

7. Hairdresser

Average monthly salary Approx. 3,007 $ CAN

The hairdresser offers a range of hair cutting, styling and care services. This profession combines technical skills and creativity, requiring a good understanding of current trends, the ability to advise customers and excellent manual dexterity. Hairdressers generally work in salons, but can also work from home or in establishments such as hotels, spas and film studios.

Training to become a hairdresser in Canada usually involves an apprenticeship program or courses at a hairdressing school. Some provinces require a license to practice. The profession offers great flexibility in terms of working hours and location, as well as opportunities for self-employment.

8. Customer service agent

Average monthly salary approx. 2,923 $ CAN

Customer service agents are the points of contact between companies and their customers, handling requests, orders, complaints and providing information. This profession requires excellent communication skills, patience, empathy and often a good command of computer tools. Customer service agents can work in a variety of sectors, including finance, retail, telecommunications and tourism.

Most of the necessary skills can be acquired through in-house training or previous customer service experience. With the growth of online commerce and digital services, demand for customer service agents remains strong and diverse.

9. Receptionist

Average monthly salary approx. 2,782 $ CAN

The receptionist is often the first point of contact in a company or organization, handling telephone calls, welcoming visitors and various administrative tasks. This role requires excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Receptionists work in a variety of environments, including hotels, corporate offices, hospitals and medical practices.

Training to become a receptionist is often provided on the job, although some employers prefer candidates who have taken courses in administration or hospitality. Demand for this profession is constant, as the skills of a good receptionist are appreciated in many sectors.

10. Retail salesperson

Average monthly salary Approx. 2,440 $ CAN

Retail salespeople help customers choose and purchase products, manage stock and help present merchandise. This job requires good product knowledge, sales and customer service skills, and the ability to work in a dynamic environment. Retail salespeople can work in a wide variety of stores, from large chains to specialized boutiques.

Most sales skills can be acquired through practice and internships, and some salespeople choose to take additional training in sales or customer relationship management. With the diversity of the retail industry, job opportunities in this sector are vast and varied.

11. Web Developer

Average monthly salary Approx. 5,083 $ CAN

Web developers are responsible for the design, creation and maintenance of websites and web applications. This profession requires a solid understanding of programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as familiarity with content management systems and databases. Web developers must be able to work both independently and as part of a team, often in close collaboration with designers and marketing specialists.

Although a university degree in computer science can be beneficial, many web developers are self-taught or have taken specialized courses or coding bootcamps. Demand for web developers is strong and growing, as more and more companies seek to strengthen their online presence.

12. UX/UI designer

Average monthly salary approx. 6,125 $ CAN

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) designers are responsible for creating website and application interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. This profession requires a combination of skills in graphic design, user psychology and programming. UX/UI designers need to understand user needs and behaviors to create engaging and intuitive digital experiences.

Most UX/UI designers acquire their skills through specialized courses, workshops or practical experience. A portfolio of projects is often a key element in securing employment opportunities in this field.

13. Cybersecurity specialist

Average monthly salary : approx. 6,750 $ CAN

With digital threats on the increase, the role of cybersecurity specialists is becoming ever more crucial. These professionals are responsible for protecting IT systems against intrusions, viruses and cyber-attacks. They need to understand the latest security technologies, monitor networks for suspicious activity and respond rapidly to security incidents.

While some cybersecurity positions may require a degree in computer science or a related field, many professionals enter this sector through specialized certifications or experience in related IT roles.

14. Data analyst

Average monthly salary Approx. 5,167 $ CAN

Data analysts collect, process and interpret large quantities of data to help companies make informed decisions. This profession requires strong skills in statistics, data analysis and the use of tools such as SQL, R or Python. Data analysts must also be able to present their findings clearly and comprehensibly.

Access to this profession can be gained through studies in mathematics, statistics or computer science, but many data analysts are self-taught or have taken specialized courses in data science.

15. Digital marketing specialist

Average monthly salary Approx. 4,917 $ CAN

Digital marketers design and implement online marketing strategies to promote products or services. This role involves managing social media advertising campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and performance data analysis. Skills in communication, data analysis and creativity are essential for this job.

Most digital marketers acquire their skills through practical experience, workshops or online courses. The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving, offering dynamic and varied career opportunities.

Advice for foreigners seeking employment in these well-paid trades in Canada

To succeed in the Canadian job market and seize opportunities in well-paid professions, you need to understand and adapt to local requirements and particularities. Whether it's understanding regional employment specifics, preparing for interviews, improving your language skills or building a strong professional network, all of these steps are crucial in your journey towards successful job acquisition and a Canadian employment contract.

  1. Understanding the Canadian job market Find out about the specifics of the job market in the province where you want to work, including the skills and certifications required.
  2. Obtain the necessary certifications and permits Some professions may require specific certifications or licenses in Canada. Find out more and take the necessary steps to obtain them.
  3. Improve your language skills : Fluency in English or French is essential in Canada. Strong language skills are a major asset to your career. professional integration and social.
  4. Using online resources : Take advantage of online job platforms, professional social networks and forums to search for job opportunities and advice.
  5. Consider immigration programs Explore the various Canadian immigration programs for skilled workers, such as provincial nomination programs and the Skilled Worker Program.
  6. Building a professional network Networking can open many doors. Attend professional events and join groups related to your industry.
  7. Preparing suitable applications Adapt your CV and cover letter to Canadian standards and to the specifics of the position you're applying for.
  8. Be open to entry-level opportunities : You may be willing to start with a less qualified position to gain experience in Canada, which can lead to more advanced opportunities.
  9. Learn about Canadian work culture Understanding professional standards and expectations in the Canadian workplace can make your integration easier.
  10. Preparing for job interviews : Canadian interviews may differ from those in your home country. Prepare yourself accordingly, and practice answering common questions.

High-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree: Laws and considerations

The search for well-paid jobs in Canada without a university degree brings with it a number of specific considerations and requirements. First of all, the question of professional regulations and certifications is central. In many fields, such as plumbing or electricity, provincial certification is not only a guarantee of competence, but also a legal requirement. It is therefore mandatory for people wishing to practice a trade to comply with provincial standards, which can vary from one region of Canada to another. Not only do these certifications ensure the legality of professional practice, they are also a factor of credibility and quality for potential employers.

Vocational training and apprenticeships play a significant role in the acquisition of the necessary technical and specialist skills. Many industries have structured apprenticeship systems that combine theory and practice, often under the supervision of experienced professionals. These programs are regulated and recognized by provincial bodies, and lead to official certification. This hands-on approach is particularly beneficial in sectors where manual and technical skills are a high priority.

Safety and health protection in the workplace are particularly important, especially in physically demanding or high-risk occupations such as construction or welding. Canadian safety and worker protection standards are rigorous, requiring workers to be well-trained and well-equipped to avoid accidents and injuries. What's more, with technology constantly evolving, ongoing training and adaptation are imperative if we are to remain competitive on the job market. Practical experience, often gained through internships or entry-level jobs, is just as valued as formal qualifications, as it enables career progression and broadens skills.

These aspects underline the importance of preparation, training and adaptability in finding a job in Canada, especially for foreign workers who can also take advantage of immigration programs to enter the Canadian job market.

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