New Brunswick Health Careers Fair Canada 2024: Opportunities to be seized


In early 2024, a global event for healthcare professionals is planned: the New Brunswick Healthcare Trade Show. This initiative, which represents a gateway for qualified immigrants, is part of the Canadian province's ongoing efforts to alleviate the shortage of workers in the healthcare sector. As the world gradually recovers from the challenges posed by recent health crises, the importance of a skilled and diverse healthcare workforce has never been more pronounced. New Brunswick is opening its doors to international talent, offering unique career opportunities in a welcoming, fast-growing environment.

The show, to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is more than just a recruitment event It symbolizes recognition of the value and importance of international expertise in healthcare. For professionals in the field, it's an ideal opportunity to become part of New Brunswick's dynamic medical community, a region that combines quality of life, cultural diversity and professional excellence.

New Brunswick: an overview

New Brunswick, one of Canada's ten provinces, is strategically located on the Atlantic coast. Characterized by its picturesque nature, rich culture and peaceful lifestyle, this province offers an ideal living environment for those seeking to balance a professional career with quality of life. On the economic front, New Brunswick has enjoyed stable growth, supported in particular by key sectors such as technology, education and, above all, healthcare.

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The healthcare sector, in particular, is at the heart of the province's development. With the average age of the population rising, the demand for quality healthcare services is intensifying. This reality creates substantial opportunities for professionals In response to this growing demand, New Brunswick has put in place a number of initiatives to attract and retain medical talent. In response to this growing demand, New Brunswick has put in place various initiatives to attract and retain talent in the medical field, making the province a prime location for a career in healthcare.

New Brunswick's 2024 Health Career Fair

The New Brunswick Healthcare Job Fair (Atlantic Healthcare Recruitment Mission (CHARM) - Dubai 2024), scheduled for February 2024 in Dubai, represents a step forward in the province's international recruitment strategy. This initiative, supported by the Government of New Brunswick and the Department of Immigration, aims to address the growing shortage of qualified professionals in the healthcare sector.

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Dubai was chosen as the venue for the event because of its accessibility and status as an international crossroads, facilitating the participation of candidates from various parts of the world. This choice of location underlines New Brunswick's commitment to reaching a wide range of healthcare professionals, whether already established in their careers or just starting out.

The main objectives of this show are multiple:

The show is a golden opportunity for healthcare professionals wishing to settle in CanadaIt offers them a glimpse of career opportunities, working conditions and the New Brunswick way of life. The event is also an opportunity for the provincial government to showcase the region's unique qualities as a destination of choice for healthcare professionals.

Professional profiles sought

Job Fair 2024 targets a variety of healthcare profiles. The province of New Brunswick is looking to attract professionals with a combination of skills, training and experience in specific fields. Here's a list of occupations of particular interest requested for this initiative:

  1. Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine : experts capable of managing complex analyses and contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  2. General practitioners and family doctors Health care: professionals providing front-line care, essential to the province's health care structure.
  3. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses These are crucial roles in providing care and support to patients in a variety of settings.
  4. Nurse practitioners Advanced care and autonomous clinical decision-making.
  5. Licensed practical nurses: supporting daily care and helping to improve patients' quality of life.
  6. Nurses' aides, orderlies and home care assistants Our teams play key roles in supporting patients and their families.
  7. Audiologists and speech therapists Specialists in communication and hearing disorders.
  8. Medical laboratory technicians and medical sonographers The professionals essential for diagnosis and treatment monitoring.
  9. Occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists experts in rehabilitation and psychological support.
  10. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians Our customers include: drug managers and health advisors.
  11. Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists Specialists in the treatment of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
  12. Social workers Professional support and advice for patients and their families.

Show participation criteria

The New Brunswick Healthcare Job Fair 2024 is open to a wide range of healthcare professionals, but certain specific criteria must be met to be eligible to participate. Here's an overview of the main criteria:

  1. No restrictions based on nationality There are no specific restrictions based on nationality. The selection process focuses on qualifications, experience and language skills.
  2. Visa and immigration process Although applicants of all nationalities are welcome, it is essential that they comply with the legal requirements for working in Canada. This may involve specific steps to obtain a work visa or other immigration documents, depending on their nationality.
  3. Professional qualifications Qualifications: Candidates must have recognized qualifications in their field of healthcare specialization. This includes diplomas, certifications or accreditations specific to their profession.
  4. Professional experience Relevant experience in the healthcare field is required. The length and nature of this experience will vary according to the position sought.
  5. Language skills Proficiency in English or French, Canada's two official languages, is essential. The ability to communicate effectively in either of these languages is a key criterion for candidates.
  6. Matching market needs Candidates must match the professional profiles specifically sought by New Brunswick, as mentioned in the previous section.
  7. Online registration and invitation All candidates must register online and receive a personalized invitation to attend the event.

Application process and participation

To take part in the New Brunswick Health Career Fair 2024applicants must complete an application form available on the New Brunswick's official website. Candidates must provide several key data, including their profession code (discover how to find yours), which is an important element in identifying their specialty in the healthcare sector. In addition, they must indicate their country of study, which helps to assess their training and compliance with Canadian educational standards. Additional information, such as driver's license details, may be required depending on the nature of the position. Finally, for those who have them, the profile number Express Entry and INB (New Brunswick Special System) to be included, facilitating the immigration and employment process.

Table of NOC codes for available job offers

CNP codePosts
31100Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine
31102General practitioners and family physicians
31301Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
31302Nurse practitioners
32101Practical nurses
33102Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
31112Audiologists and speech therapists
32120Medical laboratory technicians
32122Ultrasound Technologists
31203Occupational therapists
32124Pharmacy technicians
32103Respiratory therapists, cardiovascular perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists
41300Social workers

Interested candidates should follow the steps below:

  1. Online registration The first step for professionals wishing to take part is to register on the event's dedicated website. This initial step requires detailed information about their training, professional experience and skills.
  2. Receiving an invitation: After reviewing the applications, the organizers will send a personalized invitation to the selected candidates. This invitation is crucial for accessing the event and meeting potential employers.
  3. Document preparation: Candidates should prepare and bring all necessary documents, such as CVs, attestations of qualifications, and other relevant certifications, to present to employers at the show.
  4. Selection process: During the show, candidates will have the opportunity to attend interviews and talk directly with potential employers. This direct interaction is a key component of the selection process.
  5. Post-event follow-up: Selected candidates will be contacted for follow-up and to begin the hiring and immigration process.

It is important to note that the accuracy and completeness of the information provided at the time of registration is essential. Candidates will not be able to modify their data once submitted, hence the importance of careful verification before submission.

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