Studying in Quebec remotely: The FEP as a gateway for immigrants


The possibility of studying abroad before even setting foot in Quebec is a prime opportunity for many immigrants. The Faculty of Continuing Education (FEP) of the University of Montreal has a whole range of courses that can be taken entirely remotely, thus opening new horizons to those who wish to integrate into Quebec society through through education.

FEP also offers certificates and microprograms that can be completed entirely remotely, ideal for those still abroad. A special program, ACCÈS-FEP, helps those whose diplomas are not directly recognized to prepare for entry to university.

Certificates available entirely online

The Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Montreal offers a series of certificates entirely online.

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This certificate is aimed at individuals interested in the study of aging in all its aspects. Focusing on the specific needs of older populations, this comprehensive online program provides training in the biological, social, and psychological aspects of aging, as well as management and planning of services for older adults.

Management of health and social services
This program offers in-depth training in the management of health and social services establishments. Students learn best management and leadership practices adapted to the specifics of the public sector and non-profit organizations, all entirely online.

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Artificial intelligence at work
This new, fully online certificate is designed for those who want to integrate artificial intelligence into their professional environment. It covers the basics of AI, its application in various professions, and how it can be used to optimize performance and productivity at work.

Addiction intervention
This certificate trains students to understand and treat different forms of addiction. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the program addresses prevention, intervention and rehabilitation, essential to effectively supporting individuals affected by addictions.

Psychoeducational intervention
Entirely online, this certificate is intended for professionals who wish to develop intervention skills with individuals presenting adaptation difficulties or behavioral disorders. It provides the necessary tools for educational and social interventions adapted to various contexts.

Public Relations
This certificate trains students in the management of communication and branding of companies and organizations. The online program covers all aspects of public relations, from communications strategy to crisis management, media and public relations.

Public health
Focused on current and emerging public health issues, this certificate offers comprehensive training for those wishing to contribute to improving the health of populations. The course covers topics such as epidemiology, health promotion, disease prevention, and public health policy, all available entirely online.

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