Increase in permanent residence fees in Canada as of April 30, 2024


Applicants for permanent residence in Canada will face an increase in the fees necessary to process their applications starting April 30, 2024. This fee revision is partly due to the current high inflation which is influencing the economy.

The new fee for reviewing the main application will be 950 $ CAN, an increase from the previous 850 $ CAN. This increase also applies to the spouse or common-law partner of the principal applicant. The fees for each dependent child will also increase, from 230 $ to 260 $ CAN. Thus, a principal applicant without children will now have to pay 1,825 $ CAN in administrative costs, without counting additional costs such as medical examinations or criminal record extracts.

The right to permanent residence also sees its cost increase, going from 515 $ CAN to 575 $ CAN. These changes affect all candidates, including those in specific economic immigration programs such as federal skilled workers or those selected by Quebec.

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Biometrics fees remain unchanged at 85 $ CAN per person and 170 $ CAN for families of two or more, covering required fingerprints and photographs.

These fee changes, which occur bi-annually, are designed to help cover the increasing costs of immigration program services.

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For future applicants, it is essential to prepare for these new financial burdens. Here is a summary table of the new fees, for better visibility and planning:

ProgramApplicantsCurrent FeesNew fees (from April 30, 2024)
Right of permanent residencePrincipal and spouse/common-law partner515 $ CAN575 $ CAN
Provincial nominees and other federal programsMain850 $ CAN950 $ CAN
Spouse/common-law partner850 $ CAN950 $ CAN
Dependent child230 $ CAN260 $ CAN
Live-in caregivers and other pilot programsMain570 $ CAN635 $ CAN
Spouse/common-law partner570 $ CAN635 $ CAN
Dependent child155 $ CAN175 $ CAN
Business people (federal and Quebec)Main1 625 $ CAN1 810 $ CAN
Spouse/common-law partner850 $ CAN950 $ CAN
Dependent child230 $ CAN260 $ CAN
Family reunificationSponsorship75 $ CAN85 $ CAN
Sponsored Principal Applicant490 $ CAN545 $ CAN
Accompanying spouse/common-law partner of principal applicant570 $ CAN635 $ CAN
Dependent child accompanying the principal applicant155 $ CAN175 $

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