BLS International will make it easier to obtain job search visas for Portugal in Morocco


The recent introduction of visa to look for a job in Portugal has opened new doors for foreign talents to settle and work in the country. In this dynamic context, BLS International, a world-renowned visa service provider, has signed a major agreement with the Portuguese Embassy in Morocco. This agreement aims to improve visa services for Moroccan citizens, particularly for those seeking to benefit from the job search visa, by ensuring the efficiency and security of application processes. This article explores the details of this agreement, its implications for visa applicants, and the potential impact on Moroccan-Portuguese relations.

A strategic partnership between BLS International and Portugal

BLS International recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Portuguese Embassy in Morocco, marking an important step in improving visa services for Moroccan citizens. This agreement aims to establish visa service centers in two of Morocco's largest cities: Rabat and Casablanca. These centers are intended to process approximately 20,000 visa applications per year, providing an efficient and convenient solution for Moroccan visa applicants.

The main objective of this partnership is to make the visa application process smoother and more secure. By opening visa service centers in Rabat and Casablanca, BLS International and the Portuguese Embassy seek to simplify administrative procedures for applicants. These centers will offer a full range of services, including receiving visa applications, passports, visa fees and support documents. This centralized approach aims to reduce processing times and improve the overall experience for applicants.

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Safety and efficiency are at the heart of this partnership. With the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as facial recognition, BLS International is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of applicants' data. This advanced technology will also verify the identity of applicants quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of fraud and errors. As a result, applicants can expect a more reliable and secure process.

For Moroccan visa applicants, this partnership represents a significant improvement to their visa application experience. Visa service centers will provide comprehensive support throughout the process, from submitting application forms to receiving visas. BLS International's qualified staff will help applicants navigate the various steps of the procedure, providing accurate information and helpful advice. This should reduce application errors and speed up visa processing.

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The partnership between BLS International and the Portuguese Embassy also responds to a growing demand for visas, particularly the Job Seeker Visa, which was recently introduced in Portugal. This visa allows foreign talents to come to Portugal to seek professional opportunities, thus contributing to the country's economy. By facilitating access to this type of visa, BLS International and the Portuguese Embassy support the professional ambitions of Moroccan citizens and strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

Transition of visa services in Morocco: From VFS Global to BLS International

From May 8, 2024, VFS Global will stop accepting Portugal visa applications at its Rabat and Casablanca visa application centers. This transition marks an important milestone for Moroccan visa applicants, as it coincides with the entry into force of the partnership between BLS International and the Portuguese Embassy in Morocco. VFS Global will, however, continue to issue decision envelopes until June 14, 2024, ensuring a smooth transition period for current applicants.

With the cessation of VFS Global services, BLS International will assume full responsibility for handling Portugal visa applications in Morocco. This change is essential to maintain the efficiency and security of the visa application process. BLS International, recognized for its expertise and cutting-edge technology, is well equipped to meet the expectations of Moroccan visa applicants. The move to BLS International promises to improve the applicant experience with smoother procedures and comprehensive support throughout the process.

Visas and the 2030 FIFA World Cup: Morocco, Portugal and Spain in the spotlight

Anticipation of the 2030 World Cup has already started to influence visa application trends. Professionals from various sectors, including those related to events, security, media and tourism, are seeking visas to temporarily settle in host countries and participate in the preparation of this global event. The work seeker visa, recently introduced in Portugal, is becoming a valuable tool for attracting this talent. BLS International, by facilitating access to this visa for Moroccan citizens, contributes directly to this dynamic by allowing qualified professionals to go to Portugal and seek opportunities linked to the 2030 World Cup.

Preparing for the 2030 World Cup requires significant investments in infrastructure and logistics in the three host countries. To support these efforts, Portugal, Morocco and Spain need a skilled workforce capable of meeting the high demands of this event. BLS International's visa service centers in Rabat and Casablanca, by efficiently processing large numbers of visa applications, play a crucial role in providing this workforce. By facilitating the entry of specialized professionals, these centers contribute to the realization of the infrastructural projects necessary to welcome millions of visitors.

The 2030 World Cup also offers a unique opportunity to strengthen international relations. By welcoming visitors and professionals from around the world, Morocco, Portugal and Spain can promote cooperation and cultural exchange. The agreement between BLS International and the Portuguese Embassy in Morocco illustrates this desire for international collaboration. By simplifying the visa application process for Moroccans, Portugal is strengthening its ties with Morocco and Spain, thus promoting an atmosphere of conviviality and openness before and during the World Cup.

The work seeker visa in Portugal

The recently introduced Portugal Work Seeker Visa represents a unique opportunity for international talents wishing to explore new professional prospects in this dynamic European country. This visa was designed to attract skilled professionals from around the world, providing them with the opportunity to seek employment locally for a specified period of time. This initiative is part of Portugal's efforts to stimulate its economy and enrich its labor market with diversified skills.

To obtain the work seeker visa, candidates must meet certain eligibility conditions. They must prove that they have sufficient financial resources to support themselves during their stay in Portugal. In addition, applicants must present a detailed job search plan, including their qualifications, professional experience and the sectors of activity in which they wish to work. The application process for this visa includes submission of various documents, such as passport, qualification certificates, and valid health insurance.

The work seeker visa offers several advantages to applicants. First of all, it allows professionals to come to Portugal and actively seek job opportunities, thus facilitating their integration into the Portuguese labor market. Applicants can participate in interviews, establish professional networks and experience first-hand the local work culture. Additionally, this visa offers flexibility, allowing holders to apply for different types of jobs and choose the one that best suits their skills and aspirations.

With the establishment of visa service centers by BLS International in Morocco, access to the work seeker visa becomes easier for Moroccan citizens. These centers provide comprehensive assistance throughout the application process, from preparing documents to submitting the application. BLS International staff also provide accurate information on visa requirements and steps to follow, ensuring a stress-free experience for applicants.

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